ATTENTION: For Those who are Suffering with Painful and Debilitating Neck or Back problems...
Do you have Neck or back pain & feel LOST and HOPELESS?
 Are you on medications and still getting worse? 
"Came in for my neck pain diagnosed by a neurologist 50% strength in on my right arm and 60% in my left in another. tingling all the way up to my calves.  I have seen the strength and numbness not only not decrease but actually improve! The symptoms and pain, the not being able to sleep at night have improved, and I have been able to back off my medications! I have been really pleased with the results!"
"My name is Jim I came in for neuropathy in my feet I have feeling back in my feet and legs, I can walk and I can stand for a long period of time and I am enjoying life"
Can Neck & Back Pain heal?
Yes! It is well established in the scientific literature that neck and back pain can be healed. The key issue is that we need to get the nerves healing, but we must identify whatever is causing the neck and back damage in the first place. When the underlying cause of the neck and back pain is discovered and proper support for the spine is provided, it optimizes the ability for the nerves to heal!
In order to heal Neck and Back Pain, 
We Must know 4 factors:
  •  What is the underlying cause of the neck and back pain?
  •  How severe is the nerve damage?
  •  What structures in the neck and back are damaged? 
  •  How much your spinal cord is compressed -- so we can heal it!
It is well established in the scientific literature that neck and back pain can be healed. If you are wanting to heal neck and back pain , there are 4 steps that must be taken to get the nerves on the path to healing. When these 4 steps are taken, the underlying cause of neck and back can be identified and treated. The neck and back will now have proper support and are optimized to begin to heal!
Lilly Anne
"Overall, I have been more active, felt more flexible, and a lot better mood, all I can say is it's been good for me, and I am a lot happier of a person"
A Healthy Neck and Back Don't:
  •  Tingle or Go Numb in the Fingers, Toes, Hands, Feet, Legs or Arms
  •  Feel Painful When You Touch Something 
  •  Feel Cold, Burning, or Pain in the Hands, Feet, Legs and Arms
  •  Make You Lose Your Balance or Your Coordination
  •  Cause You to Feel Pain
"My name is Betsy Smith and I came here with near constant pain in my feet and legs.  I had sciatica for 40 years, and could hardly walk, fell 19 times in two years because of my balance and not feeling the nerves.  Now I'm almost 100% complete without pain.  I was in constant pain during the day and when I relaxed at night the pain was excruciating.  It's the best thing I did in for me in my entire life. I recommend it. "
"My name is Wayne.  I came in because I had numbness and tingling in my arms.  My balance was not so good.  After about 5-6 weeks after the treatment my balance is like it was when I was in my twenties.  I am getting feeling back in my arms and fingers.  I used to wrap my feet in cotton gauze before I would walk because of the pain.  I don't do that anymore and I am walking 5-6 days a week. "
"Good Morning, I'm Bill Whittington.  I came in with leg neuropathy relevant to neck and pain and it has simply disappeared."